Opera Comique A/S

Organisation typeTheatre company
Main focusOpera
Established1918 (closed 1921)

About Opera Comique A/S

Opera Comique A/S (1918-1921) was Norway's first professional opera company. Benno Singer took the initiative to establish Opera Comique in 1918.

That a permanent opera was established in Oslo gave Norwegian opera singers the opportunity to develop at home. Several international guest performers also visited Opera Comique. 

Among the singers were Kirsten Flagstad, Katinka Storm, Erica Darbo, Erling Krogh, Sigurd Hoff, Carsten Ørner, Conrad Arnesen and Simon Edwardsen. Among the visiting artists were Erik Bye and Karl Aagaard Østvig, and central international names such as Lauritz Melchior, Leo Slezak, Heinrich Schlusnus, Emmy Leisner and Joseph Hislop.

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More about Opera Comique A/S

Opera Comique also hosted international visiting performances, including Die Walküre from Germany. Opera Comique A/S was responsible for the first Norwegian opera tour abroad, to Copenhagen the summer of 1919.

Opera Comique was located in Stortingsgata 16 in Oslo.


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