Performing Arts Hub Norway

Also known asPAHN, Formerly: The Norwegian Association for Performing Arts/NAPA
Organisation typeCompetence centre, Information centre, Network organisation
Main focusMultidisciplinary art
Established1 Feb. 1977
WebsiteDanse- og Teatersentrum / Performing Arts Hub Norway, Instagram/performingartshubnorway, Twitter/ /PAHNdotNO, Facebook/ performingartshubnorway

About Performing Arts Hub Norway

Performing Arts Hub Norway was established as an interest organisation in 1977, initiated by artists within the field of independent performing arts. The main aim was to establish a funding system for independent performing art companies working outside of the institutions.

Today Performing Arts Hub Norway is a foundation and a national competence centre for performing arts organised as a network organisation.

PAHN is a member of Norwegian Arts Abroad (NAA).

The English name of Performing Arts Hub Norway was The Norwegian Association for Performing Arts (NAPA) until 2011.

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More about Performing Arts Hub Norway

In 1977 the approximately 16 theatre and dance groups then existing gathered. They had several wishes and needs in common; to promote and to increase the status of independent performing arts, presenting performances, collaboration across companies and strengthening of the economy. In February 1977 Teatersentrum (literally: Theatre Centre) was founded (later changing its name to Danse- og Teatersentrum or The Norwegian Association for Performing Arts) – an interest organization for the independent theatre and ballet groups in Norway.

Teatersentrum aimed to work for a governmental support system for the independent groups. The organisational model was inspired by corresponding organisations in Sweden and Denmark. Among the companies active in founding Teatersentrum were Collage Dansekompani, Danseloftet (literally: The Dance Attic), Dukketeaterverkstedet, Filiokus Teatret, Fri Ballett (literally: Free Ballet), Grenland Friteater, Høvik Ballett AKA Hovik Ballet, Musidra, Perleporten Teatergruppe (literally: The Pearly Gates Theatre Company), Saltkompagniet, Teater 4 (Theatre 4), Teater Rundt-Omkring (literally: Theatre All-Around), Thesbiteatret (The Thesbi Theatre) and Tramteatret. The same summer the companies arranged the first theatre festival for independent groups in Norway.

The organisation as of today: The foundation Performing Arts Hub Norway is a national competence centre organised as a network organisation. Performing Arts Hub Norway is granted public support via Chapter 324, post 74, The Ministry of Culture. For funding projects, Performing Arts Hub Norway applies for project funding from a diversity of cultural funds.

The foundations main target: Performing Arts Hub Norway shall be the national competence centre promoting professional performing arts nationally and internationally, emphasising independent performing arts.

National aims for the foundation: The aim for the enterprise in Performing Arts Hub Norway is promoting theatre and dance as artistic expressions and to stimulate increased interest for dance and theatre in all target groups.

Ownership and communication: Communication stands centrally for NAPA. NAPA owns and runs the national archive  Sceneweb. The foundation owns two limited liability companies presenting independent performing arts: Black Box Teater, a programming venue in Oslo, and The National Touring Network for the Performing Arts (NTNPA), the national dissemination enterprise for performing arts within The Cultural Rucksack. The foundation also published the news and information website with Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras


1977  Fri-gruppenes Teaterfestival, in Ibsenhuset in Skien.

1979  Frie Gruppers Festival, on Teatret på Torshov in Oslo

1996 Nordisk Scenekunst mot Tusenårsskiftet, in Bergen 


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