Black Box Teater

Also known asBBT, Black Box Theatre
Organisation typeProgramming
Main focusTheatre, Performance, Multidisciplinary art, Musical theatre, International work
WebsiteBlack Box Teater - Oslo, facebookside, Black Box Teater

About Black Box Teater

Black Box Teater is a programming theatre and one of Norway's venues for contemporary stage arts. The theatre was established in 1985.

Until 2003 it was located on Aker Brygge. In February 2004 the theatre opened in its new location in the street of Marstrandgata in Dælenenga, midway between the well-known squares Carl Berners Plass and Birkelunden.

The productions shown on this page are productions co-produced by Black Box Teater. If you want to see full season programs, you ought to visit the Sceneweb page of each venue.

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More about Black Box Teater

Black Box Teater presents and coproduces independent artists and companies, crossing genres. The program includes well established and fresh artists and companies. Several Norwegian performing artists and companies use Black Box Teater as their venue for opening shows. Black Box Teater also maintains an international profile, regularly presenting some of the world's leading and most exciting actors within the field. 

Black Box Teater contains two stages; Store (The Big One) and Lille (The Small One). In the foyer is a bar, open before and after performances. From the spring of 2011 Black Box Teater Oslo regularly has invited to the event Plus plus.

At the webpage of Store Norske Leksikon the following, among other things, is written about Black Box Teater:

"The theatre activity is supported financially by the municipality of Oslo and the government, and in 1993 it became a member of Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras (NTO).


Black Box Teater was established by Performing Arts Hub Norway as a venue for independent dance and theatre companies. In the beginning the venue was managed as a rental association, located for many years at Aker Brygge. In 1991 the then daily manager of Performing Arts Hub Norway, former choreographer and dancer Inger Buresund was employed as artistic director of the theatre, and in 1994 she became its director. During this time the theatre started its development towards becoming a more programming theatre.

In 1991 Black Box Teater and BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen and Avant Garden in Trondheim went together in Performing Arts Network (of Norway), a touring collaboration platform with the main aim to organise international visiting performances in the three cities.

In 2001 Kristian Seltun became the new head of the theatre. Seltun was educated within theatre theory at The University of Bergen, and he came from the position as dramaturge at Trøndelag Theatre and artistic director of Avant Garden. During his term as director, Seltun sharpened the international and contemporary profile of the theatre. Among his priorities were recruiting new talents and developing Norwegian theatre artists and companies. He also established the performing arts festival Marstrand.

In 2009 Jon Refsdal Moe took over the director, also with background from theatre theory. Refsdal Moe has put an emphasis on increasing the theatre's dramaturgical work and assistance towards the Norwegian companies the theatre co-produces. He has also established a third performing venue in the theatre's foyer, a venue for art events, concerts and seminars. In 2013 the festival Marstrand changed its name into Oslo International Theatre Festival."


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