The National Stage

Also known asDen Nationale Scene/DNS, Formerly The National Venue of Theatre, Bergen
Organisation typeNational institution
Main focusTheatre

About The National Stage

The National Stage (Norwegian: Den Nationale Scene, shortened DNS) opened in 1876. It is one of Norway's three national theatre institutions, the only of the three to be located in Bergen. The National Stage has had status as a national theatre since 1993, and from 1995 100 % of the theatre's public funding has come from the state.

June 24 2016 DNS' repertoire database was imported to the Sceneweb database. Beneath is a list of all productions staged by the theatre throughout its history. They are listed in reverse chronology, save for error or omission.

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More about The National Stage

The National Stage was founded as Det Norske Theater (literally: The Norwegian Theatre) in 1850, by an initiative by Ole Bull. The theatre ceased its activity due to economic difficulties in 1863, and in 1876 re-opened as Den Nationale Scene (literally: The National Stage, which is now also the official English-language name of the theatre, after using The National Venue of Theatre for a while). At the time, The National Stage was located in Komediehuset/Det Gamle Teater at Engen, the facilities where Ole Bull had managed his Det Norske Theater. 

In 1909, The National Stage relocated into its current building, designed by Einar Oscar Schou. The opening performance was Erasmus Montanus by Ludvig Holberg.

Today, the building of The National Stage is regarded among the premier monumental buildings in Jugend style (German Art Nouveau) in Norway. The auditorium, the foyer and the vestibule were destroyed during World War II, and only temporarily rebuilt. Throughout the years the building has gone through significant changes, such as restructuring, reconstruction, renovation and technical modernisation. In 1993, the venue became listed by The Directorate for Cultural Heritage. In 2001, the main stage's auditorium was restored to the same style as when the theatre was newly built.


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