The Norwegian Theatre

Also known asDet Norske Teatret
Organisation typeNational institution
Main focusTheatre, Musical theatre
Established22 Nov. 1912
WebsiteDet Norske Teatret

About The Norwegian Theatre

The Norwegian Theatre was established in 1912, with its artistic opening in 1913. In 1985 the theatre moved into a new venue located in the street of Kristian IVs gate 8. The Norwegian Theatre now is the largest and most flexible theatre building in Oslo.

The theatre has three stage halls with flexible capacity; Hovudscenen (literally: The Main Stage, max 756 seats), Scene 2 (literally: Stage 2, max. 200 seats) and Scene 3 (literally: Stage 3, max 120 seats).

The theatre also has a lobby venue called Bikuben (literally: The Beehive).

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More about The Norwegian Theatre

In the declaration of mission from 1912 it is said that The Norwegian Theatre is to "show plays in Norwegian language, rural and urban". All the productions the theatre produces use the language of New Norwegian or different dialects. The Norwegian and the Nordic are important components in the repertoire, in addition to classics and modern European and international drama.

Musical theatre has also played an important role in the repertoire since the very beginning. The Norwegian Theatre hosted the Norwegian openings of large-scale musicals such as Cats and Les Misérables. In recent years The Norwegian Theatre has emphasised new Norwegian drama as well as developing new musicals.

The repertoire is decided by the artistic director in collaboration with an artistic council consisting of representatives from the different artistic departments of the theatre.

The Norwegian Theatre has been led by the following artistic directors:
1912–15: Rasmus Rasmussen (1862–1932)
1915–16: Edvard Drabløs (1883–1976)
1916–17: Amund Rydland (1888–1967) and Anton Heiberg (1878–1947)
1918–20: Amund Rydland (1888–1967) and Sigurd Eldegard (1866–1950)
1920–22: Amund Rydland (1888–1967)
1922–33: Ingjald Haaland (1885–1952)
1933–34: Hans Jacob Nilsen (1897–1957)
1934–36: Oskar Braaten (1881–1939)
1936–42: Knut Hergel (1899–1982)
1945–46: Knut Hergel (1899–1982)
1946–50: Hans Jacob Nilsen (1897–1957)
1950–51: Edvard Drabløs (1883–1976)
1951–53: Ole Barman (1897–1983)
1953–61: Nils Sletbak (1896–1982)
1961–79: Tormod Skagestad (1920–97)
1979–90: Svein Erik Brodal (1939–)
1990–97: Otto Homlung (1943–)
1997–2010: Vidar Sandem (1947–)
From 2011: Erik Ulfsby (1970-)

EventyrForteljeTeaterStund* (FairytaleTellingTheatreTime) by The Norwegian Theatre was nominated for The Hedda Award 2013 in the special artistic achievement category.


The Norwegian Theatre,

The Hedda Award,, 10.06.2013,

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.