The Arctic Theatre

Also known asIn Norwegian: Hålogaland Teater, in English: formerly Hålogaland Theatre
Organisation typeDistrict institution
Main focusTheatre

About The Arctic Theatre

The Arctic Theatre (formerly known as Hålogaland Theatre) is a Norwegian regional theatre, established in 1970 and active from 1971. The Norwegian name of the theatre is Hålogaland Teater. The Arctic Theatre has its headquarters in Tromsø and tours the counties of Troms and Finnmark, currently with 15 regular stops.

Until 1980, when Nordland Theatre was established, Hålogaland Theatre was obliged to tour all of Northern Norway.

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More about The Arctic Theatre

The Arctic Theatre, at the time known as Hålogaland Theatre in English, was the first professional theatre in Northern Norway. It was led by communal meetings until 1986, when Bernhard Ramstad was hired as the first artistic director and CEO of the theatre.

The Arctic Theatre finds its local belonging significant, and Northern Norwegian dialect characterises all productions by the theatre. In addition to classics, The Arctic Theatre prioritises new Norwegian drama and theatre for children and youth. The theatre collaborates with The Cultural Rucksack and aims to strengthen its collaboration with independent companies.

In 2005 the theatre venue that is now housing The Arctic Theatre was inaugurated, with two auditoriums, one café venue and a rehearsal venue. The theatre is located at the address Teaterplassen 1.

Prior to the construction of its own venue, the theatre had been based in the culture centre called Tromsø Kulturhus and in a former margarine factory.

Hålogaland Teaterselskap (literally: Hålogaland Theatre Company), which was established in 1954 and closed at the time of establishing The Arctic Theatre (at the time known as Hålogaland Theatre in English), is considered an origin of the theatre.

The Arctic Theatre has been led by:

1970-1985: Communal meetings

1986-1990: Bernhard Ramstad

1990–96: John Sigurd Kristensen

1997–2000: Haukur J. Gunnarsson

2001–08: Nils Johnson

2009-12: Iren Reppen

2013-16: Nina Wester

From 2016: Inger Buresund

The Arctic Theatre started using The Arctic Theatre as its new official English name the autumn of 2016. The old name, Hålogaland Theatre, may occur in Sceneweb registries preceding this date.


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