Det Vestnorske Teateret

Also known asFormerly Hordaland Teater, Hordaland Theatre
Organisation typeDistrict institution
Main focusTheatre
WebsiteHordaland Teater , DET VESTNORSKE TEATERET

About Det Vestnorske Teateret

Det Vestnorske Teateret (literally: The Western Norwegian Theatre, formerly Hordaland Theatre) (1985-) is a regional theatre for the county of Hordaland. The theatre uses New Norwegian as its language.

The name change was decided by the theatre's general assembly April 25 2019.

Det Vestnorske Teateret is supported by The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the county of Hordaland.

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More about Det Vestnorske Teateret

Hordaland Theatre was established in 1985 after an initiative by Anne Gullestad and Karel Hlavatý. The first production took place in 1988. From 1995 Hordaland Theatre has had status as a regional theatre, with its headquarters at Hordamuseet in Stend. It was the first theatre institution in Norway to emphasis children and youth.

Hordaland Theatre was the first institutional theatre in Norway aimed towards children and youth.

On the webpage of the theatre one could read the following (in 2011):

"Hordaland Theatre is a theatre for the whole county, though mostly for children and youth. We tour the county, but also have a venue of our own at Stend (in Bergen). The theatre performs using the New Norwegian and dialect, and we mostly perform for children and youth. The theatre makes new drama a priority."

Management: Anne Gullestad led the theatre from 1995 to her death in 1998. She was followed by Vera Rostin Wexelsen (1999-2004), Arvid Ones (2005-2009) and Trond Birkedal (2009-2015). Terje Lyngstad was hired as head of the theatre from January 1 2016, but he left as early as August after disagreement about the management model. Former dramaturge at The National Stage, Solrun Toft Iversen, was hired from 2017.

From the country to the town:

The theatre had its headquarters at the museum Hordamuseet in Hordnesveien 24 at Stend until 2016. 

From January 1 2016, Hordaland Theatre overtook a rental contract at Logen, Ole Bulls plass 6, in the centre of Bergen. In April 2019, after a complaint, an application for building a new building in the backyard was accepted. The plan is that workshops, offices and a rehearsal room are to be built, and moved to Logen after renovations. Per 2019 Logen is the site for performances, in addition to the venue at Stend, whereas the administration is based in Teatergaten 35, the centre of Bergen.  

The name change of 2019:

At the occasion of the name change in 2019 the head of the theatre, Solrun Toft Iversen, said the following in a press release from the theatre:

"With a profiled theatre building and a sharper strategy aimed towards the Western Norwegian population, language and identity, we wish to signal this innovation in the theatre world of Bergen through our choice of name. At the same time the name signals the theatre's ambitions in the new county Vestland and the more expanded term of the Western Norwegian."

Leader of the board, Pål W. Lorentzen, added that the theatre with its new name attaches itself to the name tradition that was founded with The Norwegian Theatre in 1912.


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