Rogaland Theatre

Also known asRogaland Teater
Organisation typeDistrict institution
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About Rogaland Theatre

Rogaland Theatre is a Norwegian regional theatre which was established in Stavanger in 1947. Since the beginning Rogaland Theatre's repertoire has consisted of a mix of modern and classical drama from Norway and abroad, including comedies, musicals and productions for children and youth.

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More about Rogaland Theatre

The collective staff of Rogaland Theatre received The Hedda Award in the special artistic achievement category in 2005. It was the first time this award was given to a whole theatre, rather than a person or production. In 2008 Elsa Nordvang was awarded Honorary Hedda for her effort for The Children and Youth Theatre at Rogaland Theatre (BUT). The theatre has also received a number of other awards for productions and performances.

Current artistic director is Arne Nøst, with Merete Eik as the administrative director. Nøst took over the position January 1 2009 after Hanne Tømta, currently artistic director of The National Theatre. Nøst is a stage designer, visual artist and musician and has had many assignments as a stage designer for Rogaland Theatre prior to his current position.

The theatre's first artistic director and CEO was Øystein Børke (1947-1949), followed by Jens Bolling, Kjell Stormoen, Claes Gill, Gisle Straume, Bjarne Andersen, Bjørn Endreson, Arne Thomas Olsen, Kjetil Bang-Hansen, Alf Nordvang, Bentein Baardson, Hans Rosenquist, Alf Nordvang in a new term, Ketil Egge, Ola B. Johannessen, Eirik Stubø, Ingjerd Egeberg, Hanne Tømta and Arne Nøst.

The collective staff of Rogaland Theatre won The Hedda Award 2005 in the special artistic achievement category.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"The Hedda Jury's members constantly search for excellent acting presentations, innovative and convincing director's choices, coherent productions, visually creative stage designers, lighting designers and costume designers, as well as shining new talents.

But the jury is perfectly well aware that the theatre may be the most collective of all artistic expressions, and that the art we enjoy onstage, is only possibly because all those not in the spotlight indefatigable do their work. They build the sets, they change sets and costumes, they are responsible for the lighting and sound. They keep the books in check, they take responsibility for information and PR. Some of them we, the audience, are so lucky to meet, and we delight in the pleasant assistance of the box office, the smile of the program vendor, the swift and able service in the bar during the interval.

For all in the theatre contribute, each in their way, to make the theatre visit a total experience.

In general this is a demanding task. But in one theatre the entire staff has, during the season of 2004/2005 not just once, but twice, put in an extra and more extravagant than extra, effort to create two totally different, but in each their way unique productions: One was an eight-hour marathon, the other literally turned the theatre upside-down.

Naturally, the special artistic achievement Hedda goes to the entire staff ofRogaland Theatre!"

More info about Rogaland Theatre and the theatre's productions throughout the years can be found at the webpage of Rogaland Theatre.


Rogaland Theatre