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About Trøndelag Theatre

Trøndelag Theatre is a regional theatre based in Trondheim, and it is the second largest regional theatre in Norway. The theatre was established in 1937, but the venue in which the theatre is located, had been used as a theatre prior to this as well.

From 1910 to 1926 the theatre company Trondhjems Nationale Scene (literally: Trondheim's National Stage) active in the theatre house in the street of Prinsens gate.

Prior to this Throndhjems Theater (literally: Trondheim's Theatre) was run for four seasons, until it went bankrupt in 1865. Both of these companies are now regarded as antecedents of Trøndelag Theatre.

During the years without permanent companies in the city, the theatre venue in Prinsens gate was used by touring companies.

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More about Trøndelag Theatre

The founder and first artistic director/CEO of Trøndelag Theatre, Henry Gleditsch, tried to run the theatre during the World War II occupation, with an anti-Nazi program.

Gleditsch was arrested and executed October 6 1942, and Johan Barclay-Nitter was named new leader of the theatre. This led to an audience boycott of the theatre, and a large number of performances had to be cancelled due to empty seats. On average only some 40 persons met to see each performance during this time, and after the opening of August Strindberg's The Father October 19 1944 one decided to close Trøndelag Theatre. The theatre opened again October 2 1945 with Georg Løkkeberg as its artistic director and CEO.

Since then Alfred Maurstad, Victor Huseby, Erik Pierstorff and Catrine Helle have been among those leading the theatre. Ola B. Johannessen and Otto Homlung both have headed the theatre for two separate terms, Johannessen from 1979 to 1984 and from 1997 to 2000, Homlund from 1984 to 1989 and from 1997 to 2000. Currently Kristian Seltun is the head of the theatre.

The theatre building in Trondheim stems from 1816, and it has been protected from 1969. The building was originally used by tours and amateur companies. In 1997 a new building with the old one integrated stood finished. From the 1990es the theatre has had five permanent stages.

The following have led Trøndelag Theatre:

Trondhjems Nationale Scene (1910–26):
1910–13: Thora Hansson
1913–16: Ludvig Müller
1916–23: Rasmus Rasmussen
1923–24: Hans Bille
1924–26: Johan Kristian Hauge

Trøndelag Theatre (from 1937):
1937–42: Henry C. W. Gleditsch
1942: Karl Bergmann
1942–45: Johan Barclay-Nitter
1945–48: Georg Løkkeberg
1948–50: Alfred Maurstad
1950–51: Nils Reinhardt Christensen
1951–66: Victor Huseby
1966–69: Erik Pierstorff
1969–73: Arne Aas
1973–79: Kjell Stormoen
1979–84: Ola B. Johannessen
1984–89: Otto Homlung
1989–92: Helle Ottesen
1992–97: Terje Mærli
1997–2000: Ola B. Johannessen
2000–2005: Catrine Telle
2005–2010: Otto Homlung
From 2010: Kristian Seltun


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