Avant Garden

Also known asTeaterhuset Avant Garden/TAG
Organisation typeProgramming
Main focusMultidisciplinary art, Theatre, Performance, Musical theatre, Dance, Children and youths, Music
Established1 Jan. 1984
WebsiteTeaterhuset Avant Garden

About Avant Garden

Teaterhuset Avant Garden is the main venue in Trondheim and Central Norway for project-based touring performing arts.Artistic director and general manager is Per Ananiassen.

The productions shown on this page are productions co-produced by Teaterhuset Avant Garden. If you want to see full season programs, you ought to visit the Sceneweb page of each venue.

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More about Avant Garden

Teaterhuset Avant Garden, shortened TAG, is a foundation with the aim to promote professional, interdisciplinary performing arts through presenting international, national and local performing arts, to encourage original production at a local level and to present performing arts specifically targeted towards children and youth.

Avant Garde in 25 years:

The history of Teaterhuset Avant Gardens goes back to 1984, when the foundation of Teater Avant Garden was established by three independent professional theatre companies: Magna Vox (formerly Det lille musikkteater), Petrujska Teater and Studio Teater. The three groups managed the theatre for years, the program including self-produced performances and visiting performances. Eventually the theatre has gone through a process towards becoming what it is today: A more or less purely programming theatre with a clear artistic profile decided by an artistic director.

A programming theatre?

Sorting the definitions may be useful: Teaterhuset Avant Garden is classified as a programming theatre. In short it means that TAG, as opposed to producing theatres such as for instance Trøndelag Teater and Nord-Trøndelag Teater only to a minor degree produces its own performances. Rather the theatre invites companies, local, national as well as international, to visit the venue with their productions. Hence the performances found in the program are selected particularly by TAG's artistic director/general manager due to artistic quality. Nationally it is natural to compare Teaterhuset Avant Garden and Black Box Teater in Oslo and BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen, two theatres TAG also forms a tight-knit weave of cooperation with, concerning exchange of performance arts between Norway's three largest towns.

Inter-aesthetic performing arts:

Teaterhuset Avant Garden has an aim to promote professional, interdisciplinary performing arts. Performing arts is a pretty wide term, and covers more than what most connect to theatre. As a starting point, all performing artistic expressions, art to perform for an audience from a stage, can be sorted under the term of performing arts. Hence a rather wide repertoire of genres and art expressions is represented in the program; dance, textual theatre, performance, live film, opera, musical and so on. A common denominator the past few years may be a little predilection for the conceptual, the innovative in form, the focused on current interest issues and not least the inter-aesthetic, genre-crossing scenic expression.

Locally, nationally, internationally:

TAG's cooperational partner BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen uses the slogan "Highlights from all over the world". The same goes for TAG – the theatre's work and program are to the highest degree international. Avant Garden participates in festivals and different networks within and outside of Europe and is proud to present some of the best of the international field of performing arts in Trondheim. The program also includes Norwegian quality performing arts and finally the theatre works on encouraging local production of performing arts. Through the open rehearsal venue Symposium and through seminars and professional input the theatre wishes to stimulate the creative powers of Trondheim.

Den Unge Garde (DUG, The Young Avant Garden):

TAG is concerned with providing an artistic offering to children, an offering of high quality, arts taking children as cultural consumers seriously. Old classics are well and good, but new production is important, as is art springing out from our contemporary times and the issues of our contemporary times, in scenic innovation for the youngest. Presenting art for children and youth is an important part of the theatre's work and one of the main aimsu of the enterprise. TAG wishes to provide good conditions for art production for this target group, and is also concerned with offering theatre to children and youth. Every other year Teaterhuset Avant Garden arranges a performing arts festival for children and youth, called Den Unge Garde (literary: The Young Guard, or to put it another way: The Young Avant Garden). Teaterhuset Avant Garden in addition is responsible for programming performing arts for The Cultural Rucksack in the county of Sør-Trøndelag.

Small theatre, big heart:

Teaterhuset Avant Garden is a non-profit organisation and the economy is based on support from the municipality of Trondheim, the county of Sør-Trøndelag and over the annual national budget. The staff consists of five eager fulltime employees plus a civil worker. The theatre is led by artistic and general manager Per Ananiassen, responsible for the artistic enterprise as well as daily administration. The office is located in the street of Olav Trygvassons gate no. 5, on the first floor, entering from Folkets Hus entry A. Be aware that some performances are played at Verkstedhallen Scene, Svartlamon. Feel free to contact the theatre if you wonder about anything or want to know more.


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