The International Ibsen Award

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The International Ibsen Award honours an individual, institution or organisation that has brought new artistic dimensions to the world of drama or theatre. The committee consists of senior figures in the international theatre community. It was established by the Norwegian government in 2008.

The winner is announced on Ibsen's birthday, 20th March, and the prize is of NOK 2.5 millions. It is awarded at the Norwegian National Theatre's Ibsen festival every other year.

The first laureate was Peter Brook who received the prize on 31 August 2008 during the Ibsen Festival at the Norwegian National Theatre in Oslo. The chair of the jury was Liv Ullmann until Per Boye-Hansen took over in 2010. In 2011 the prize was made biennial, with the next awarding scheduled for September 2012.


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The Hedda Award

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The Hedda Award is given out annually for exquisite performances within Norwegian performing arts.

The Hedda Award was awarded for the first time in 1998. The jury nominating the candidates is a professional jury. Until 2011 the jury was named by Norwegian theatre leaders, artistic directors and CEOs, from 2012 it has been named by a Hedda committee. The Hedda winners receive a Hedda statuette created by the sculptor Nina Sundbye.

The Hedda Award is named after the title character of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

The award categories have changed over the years.

The jury is not obliged to award all categories every year. Finding worthy candidates is a condition.

In 2002, the Honorary Hedda was awarded for the first time. It went to Wenche Foss

Coinciding with The Hedda Award ceremony the memorial award of Aksel Waldemar is given to a visual artist and to a person who has made a particular effort for New Norwegian as a stage language.

Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras (NTO), Norsk teaterlederforum (NTLF) and the fund of Haakon Mehren in remembrance of Aksel Waldemar Johannessen collaborate on The Hedda Award.

Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras (NTO) is responsible for arranging the Hedda Award ceremony.

The Hedda Award is funded by support from NTO and an annual fee from all of its member theatres, amounting to 0.08 % of each theatre's annual public funding. The jury is named by, and paid for by, Norsk teaterlederforum (NTLF).

Click here for information on the memorial award of Aksel Waldemar.


The Hedda Award,, 03.04.2012,

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Recently awarded

Musikkteaterprisen 2020 (Musikkteaterprisen)

Årets kritikk 2019/2020 (Årets kritikk)

Winners: Årets kritikk: Hedda Fredly

Frilansprisen 2020 (Frilansprisen)

Winners: Frilansprisen 2020: Jonas Kippersund, Frilansprisen 2020: Anders Kippersund

The Hedda Award 2020 (The Hedda Award)

Winners: Best text for the stage: Lars Erik Holter, Best text for the stage: Ingrid Weme Nilsen, Best text for the stage: The Wild Duck, Best stage design/costume design: Norunn Standal, Best audiovisual design: Tore Vagn Lid, Best audiovisual design: Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, Best audiovisual design: Øystein Nesheim, Best audiovisual design: Arvid Jarle Pettersen, Best audiovisual design: Fredrik Rysjedal, Best audiovisual design: Tor Christian Faugstad Bleikli, Best audiovisual design: Mathias Grønsdal Johannesen, Best audiovisual design: Terje Isungset, Best audiovisual design: Per Jørgensen, Best leading actress: Gjertrud Jynge, Best leading actor: Preben Hodneland, Best supporting actress: Laila Goody, Best supporting actor: Frode Winther, Best direction: Luk Perceval, Production of the year: Raskolnikov, Best production for children: Ritsj, Best production for youth: Før vi dør* (Before we die), Special artistic achievement: Tore Vagn Lid, Honorary Hedda: Knut Ove Arntzen, Honorary Hedda: Sven Åge Birkeland

The Norwegian Ibsen Award AKA The Ibsen Prize 2020 (The Norwegian Ibsen Award AKA The Ibsen Prize)

Winners: The Norwegian Ibsen Award AKA The Ibsen Prize 2020: Lisa Charlotte Baudouin Lie, The Norwegian Ibsen Award AKA The Ibsen Prize 2020: Mare