Karl Flyman

Photo from Ferske Scener's production Lillemia* (Little Mia, 2011)

Karl Flyman, f 1982, er utdannet skuespiller og scenekunstner ved Akademi for scenekunst ved Høgskolen i Østfold (2009). Flyman har siden den tid deltatt i blant annet Bedre enn sjokolade (2010) av Kim Atle Hansen og PresentENDing (2009) av Fiksdal/Lie

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Lydia Adetunji

Photo from Oslo International Theatre's reading Fixer (2012)

British-Nigerian Lydia Adetunji is a playwright and journalist.

She won The Almeida Theatre's writing contest called Write in 2006, with her play Fixer, a political drama set in Northern Africa.

Lydia Adetunji later has written for theatres including Royal Court Theatre, The National Theatre Studio, Young Vic, Shakespeare's The Globe and The Tricycle Theatre in London.

Oslo International Theatre counts Lydia Adetunji among the most exciting playwrights within political theatre in Britain. The company performed a staged reading of her play Fixer in Oslo in 2012.


E-mail from Oslo International Theatre, 07.06.2012

Dollee.com, on Lydia Adetunji, http://www.doollee.com/PlaywrightsA/adetunji-lydia.html

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