My arm

UttrykksformerKomedie, Performance, Film
NettstedDet Åpne Teater

Om My arm

My arm av Tim Crouch; et stykke teater om moderne kunst, trassighet og hvordan ting vi gjør når vi er ti år blir med oss resten av livet. 

"Da jeg var 10 og trengte noe mer meningsfylt å gjøre, pleide jeg å løfte armen over hodet og å holde den der. Nå, 30 år senere, er jeg så full av mening at det tar livet av meg."

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    "… utterly beguiling…Crouch uses the power of suggestion to create a gloriously improbable yet terribly believable piece about how the boy with his arm in the air transforms the world around him. A small gem." Sarah Slater (2003, 08.08). Evening Standard

    "… colossally powerful…Crouch tells his bleak story without ever losing sight of the aching pained humanity behind the tale – the wonderful final image of this show is so straightforwardly moving that it left many members of the audience, including me, close to tears." Joyce McMillan (2003, 04.08). The Scotsman

    "… Crouch is the most engaging of performers, and he is actually exploring on stage the nature of art and performance itself, taking risks in the process…At these moments, Crouch is armed and dangerous." Lyn Gardner (2003, 02.08). The Guardian

    "… oddly compelling…curiously hypnotic. The use of home-movie footage is almost unbearably touching. Creeping up on your emotions, the show becomes an elegy for lost childhood, while deconstructing the ways we mythologise our past." Dominic Cavendish (2003, 12.08). Daily Telegraph

    "My arm is quite simply wonderful…But the engine that makes it all work, the beating heart of the experiment, is the story-telling. Tim Crouch’s understated, dignified performance as the ‘arm man’, the boy who wanted to test himself, is impeccable. Give your life a shake. Go and see it now." 01.08.2003,

    "Tim Crouch’s charming solo piece…a tender, warm and wryly skew-whiff meditation on what it means to be normal in an unforgiving world." (2003, 06.08). The Herald

    "Tim Crouch understands narrative; he knows what words will pull us in and what silences will keep us there…Like all good narrators, he could teach the Edinburgh stand-ups a thing or two about timing …(and) absolutely crucial to the integrity of the thing, he never even hints at standing in judgement on his subject matter…I was deeply moved by the small life just gone by." Institute of Ideas Website, 08.2003, Culture Wars

    Mer om My arm

    My arm av Tim Crouch er historien om en tom gest. Betroelser fra en mann som har levd i tredve år på motet fra hans mangel på overbevisning. I prosessen har han blitt et celebert medisinsk fenomen og et ikon på New Yorks kunstarena. Historien hans ble fortalt gjennom en kombinasjon av live performance, digital film og animasjon av hverdagsobjekter publikum leverte før hver forestilling.

    Kilde: Det Åpne Teater,, 25.10.2010,