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Om Survivals


"The woman is rejected because she stands outside the law, because she is perverted. PERE VERSION literally means: "a turn against the father". She has to be excluded so that she can be detested and thereafter adorned, because when expelled from society she accesses secrets not available to the normal." (George Bataille)

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    Mer om Survivals

    "Survivals" er en performance med to aktører og en dukke, basert på tekster av den amerikanske billedkunstneren Jenny Holzer.

    "It`s better to be a good person than a famous person. Going with the flow is soothing, but risky. It`s better to be lonely than to be with inferiour people. The point is to know where you stop and the world begins. You should limit the number of times you act against your nature, like sleeping with people you hate. It`s interesting to test your capabilities for a while, but too much will cause damage. Anyway: having two or three people in love with you is like money in the bank. If you simply live, there is nothing to worry about. If you have many desires, your life can be even interesting. Wishing things away is not effective. Low expectations are a good protection."