Også kjent somWorking Art Space & Production
OrganisasjonstypeProduserende, Programmerende, Ressurssenter
HovedfokusDans, Teater, Performance, Visuell kunst, Video, Billedkunst, Scenekunst, Tverrkunstnerisk
NettstedWASP Magazine


Om Wasp

WASP - Working Art Space & Production is an alternative private house for contemporary dance, visual art experiments, underground contemporary theatre makers, and the multimedia addicted. WASP is situated in a 500 sqm contemporary art space, in a former communist factory, and functions as a centre for contemporary art production and working space.

WASP has 2 studios (white box and black box), and art exhibition space, and a media lab.

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    WASP Magazine, waspmagazine.com, 18.05.2015, http://waspmagazine.com/en/despre-noi-2/