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Om Daniel Andersson

Daniel Andersson has been involved in projects spanning from music videos by Madonna to Rameau-operas in Paris. In 2009 Daniel made a series of Yoko Ono performances including, ”Cut Piece For Peace”, ”Cut Piece for WISP” and ”Bed-in For Peace Stockholm 2009”. 

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    Mer om Daniel Andersson

    Daniel Anderssons recent collaborations includes works with artists such as Reich/Szyber, Staffan Eek, Monica Emilie Herstad, Sanna Söderholm, Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena, Jules Buchholtz, Anna Vnuk, and Andrea Csaszni Rygh. As a dancer Daniel has worked with a wide range of choreographers in different contexts, such as with Mats Ek at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm."