Mother Courage and her children

Photo from the co-production Mother Courage

Mother Courage and her children was made as a collaboration project between Sampo Teater, Hålogaland Theatre, Totalteatret and Beaivvás Sámi Nasunálteáhter AKA The Norwegian National Sami Theatre Company. The production was based on the play by Bertolt Brecht.

Mette Brantzeg directed it and Guri Johnson acted in the title role.

Mother Courage opened in Harstad in June 1994. Mother Courage was revived in Tromsø in June 1995, with small changes in concept and cast.

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Jimmy Young

Photo from the production Jimmy Young by De Utvalgte

Jimmy Young (2007)by De Utvalgte. The character of Jimmy Young was created by actor Torbjørn Davidsen and video artist Joachim Hamou during three days of work.

With Hamou behind the camera and Davidsen in the role of Jimmy, they embarked on a reverse educational journey which came to last for ten years. Equipped with fake press cards the journey went via the Film Festival in Cannes to the spiritual leader of the Sufis in Egypt, to beggars and rich men in New York, to shipwrecked Inuits and derelict soldiers in Greenland. Assisted by a movie camera and a microphone Jimmy became a draw for young and old people who, eager to expose themselves, threw themselves into his story.

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Photo from The Theatre of Cruelty's production Peace (1992)

Peace (1992) by The Theatre of Cruelty was about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's last five seconds of work with Requiem. Different associative themes were merged into the first eight bars of the Lacrymosa movement, the last noted on paper by Mozart himself. It is about a draw of breath, the inhalation when one attempts to cling to life, as it is about to disappear.

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Happy Birthday Putin

Photo from Rebekka/Huy's production Happy Birthday, Putin (2011)

Happy Birthday Putin (2011) es a production by Rebekka/Huy.

"I have had the strength to do this work because nobody else lines up to do it", Anna Politkovskaya said.

Rebekka/Huy say: 

"We observe the conflict between Russia and Chechnya at a safe, Norwegian distance. From our safety-wrapped, safe existence we try to understand the expanse of Anna Politkovskaya's choice, who she was, how it affected her and why she couldn't choose differently even though she knew what she did could cost her life.

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Hedda Gabler

Main producer: Ibsen Theatre
Premiere: 23 Aug. 2017

Lille Eyolf

Main producer: The National Theatre
Venue: Amfiscenen
Premiere: 29 Aug. 2017


Venue: Storegull
Premiere: 31 Aug. 2017