På do med Gro der skjer det no'* (In the Bathroom with Gro something happens)

Fotografi fra produksjonen På do med Gro der skjer det no'

In the production for children På do med Gro der skjer det no'* (In the Bathroom with Gro something happens) produced by Theatre Spillebrikkene the bathroom door locks itself in the midst of the morning rush, and mother, or Gro, which is her name, is locked inside the bathroom.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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Dealing With Helen

Portraits of the characters in Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions' theatre production Dealing with Helen

Dealing With Helen (2008) by Finn Iunker, staged by Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions. After several years of besieging Troy it is clear for the Greek that the reason for the war, the abducted Helen, is not in Troy, but in Egypt. All of a sudden the foundation for war is gone, and the big question is what next to do? Do they have to get rid of Helen, or are there other ways to end the war?

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Forget me not

Photo from the production Forget me not (2012)

Forget me not (2012) var en produksjon av det franske teaterkompaniet Compagnie Philippe Genty. Avgangsklassen i skuespillerfag ved HINT hadde 3 måneders Erasmus praksisopphold hos det franske kompaniet og arbeidet i den perioden frem produksjonen Forget me not. Produksjonen hadde urpremiere 22. mai i Nevers, Frankrike og ble spilt i Norge og Frankrike i juni 2012. En større Frankrike-turné startet i oktober 2012, og i 2013 er produksjonen på verdensturne.

Bachelorutdanninga i Teaterproduksjon og skuespillerfag ved Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag (HiNT) startet samarbeidet med Compagnie Philippe Genty i 2009. To tidligere avgangsklasser har hatt femukers arbeidsopphold i kompaniet.

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Happy Birthday Putin

Photo from Rebekka/Huy's production Happy Birthday, Putin (2011)

Happy Birthday Putin (2011) es a production by Rebekka/Huy.

"I have had the strength to do this work because nobody else lines up to do it", Anna Politkovskaya said.

Rebekka/Huy say: 

"We observe the conflict between Russia and Chechnya at a safe, Norwegian distance. From our safety-wrapped, safe existence we try to understand the expanse of Anna Politkovskaya's choice, who she was, how it affected her and why she couldn't choose differently even though she knew what she did could cost her life.

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Takk og farvel

Premiere: 2018

Gratulerer * (Congratulations)

Main producer: The National Theatre
Venue: Amfiscenen
Premiere: 12 Jan. 2018


Premiere: 12 Jan. 2018

Kasimir and Karoline

Main producer: The Norwegian Theatre
Premiere: 13 Jan. 2018


Main producer: Trøndelag Theatre
Premiere: 13 Jan. 2018