Det eviga leendet/The Eternal Smile

Photo from Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions' The Eternal Smile (2010)

Det eviga leendet/The eternal smile (2010) is a theatre production by Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions.

The Eternal Smile (originally, in Swedish: Det eviga leendet) is the name of a novel by Pär Lagerkvist, written in 1920.

Verk Produksjoner AKA Verk Productions is known for its epic and vaudeville-like acting style with satiric and political undertones.

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Norsk nok* (Norwegian enough)

Norsk nok* (Norwegian enough)

Norsk nok* (Norwegian enough) is a production by Barske Glæder Productions:

Why did the Norwegian exile government in London never say anything about what they knew happened in the concentration camps? Why was the Norwegian police such an efficient tool for the German occupants? Why did we never, after the war, condemn the man who planned the deportations in court? What does the above tell you about Norway? And what is being Norwegian enough?

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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Dæhlenenggata 31

Amfiet i Dæhlenenggata 31

Dæhlenenggata 31 av Baktruppen. Kontoret til Baktruppen i Dæhlenenggata ble bygget om til en teatersal i 2006. Prosjektet ble gjennomført i forbindelse med arbeidet med produksjonen The Year of the Bush (2006). Dæhlenenggata 31 ligger på gateplan og er på ca 20 kvadratmeter. Kontoret er bygget om til amfi med balkonger, garderober, sceneteppe, lys- og lydrigg. Amfiet har ca 60 sitteplasser. Publikum sitter inne og ser ut på scenen som er på gaten, utenfor vinduet.  Baktruppen produserte flere forestillinger som handlet om dette lokalet og denne situasjonen.

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Fotografi fra Baktruppens produksjon "Kjøter" (1989)

Cur (1989) by Baktruppen.Curwas a burlesque story about two Norwegian families celebrating Christmas. On Christmas Eve a murder is committed and then immediately forgotten. Cur by Baktruppen was performed over four platforms. The acting was stylised in relation to a clumsy normality, meant to cover the initiating nihilism.

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Of Ivory and flesh

Main producer: P.O.R.K.
Premiere: 24 Oct. 2017

Minner: Kropp

Venue: Hallen
Premiere: 27 Oct. 2017