Fotografi fra Den Nationale Scenes produksjon Hedda (1978)

Hedda was a theatre production by The National Stage, produced in 1978, and based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. Charles Marowitz had made radical changes to the text. The production was performed at the theatre's main stage.

Charles Marowitz directed it.

Janny Hoff Brekke acted in the title role.

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Fotografi fra Riksteatrets produksjon Revisoren (1977)

Revisoren (1977) var en teaterproduksjon av Riksteatret. Revisoren var basert på en komedie av Nikolaj Gogol med samme tittel. Produksjonen reiste på turné høsten 1977, med turnépremiere 20. september.

Regissør var Ola B. Johannessen.

Scenografen og kostymedesigner var Lubos Hruza.

Bjarne Andersen spilte Borgermesteren.

Per Jansen spilte Khlestakov, den falske revisoren.

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Fotografi fra Oberon Teaterproduksjoners produksjon Macbeth (2000)

Macbeth was a theatre production by Oberon Teater, produced in 2000, and based on the play by William Shakespeare.

Birgitte Strid directed it.

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Happy Birthday Putin

Photo from Rebekka/Huy's production Happy Birthday, Putin (2011)

Happy Birthday Putin (2011) es a production by Rebekka/Huy.

"I have had the strength to do this work because nobody else lines up to do it", Anna Politkovskaya said.

Rebekka/Huy say: 

"We observe the conflict between Russia and Chechnya at a safe, Norwegian distance. From our safety-wrapped, safe existence we try to understand the expanse of Anna Politkovskaya's choice, who she was, how it affected her and why she couldn't choose differently even though she knew what she did could cost her life.

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Daisy detektiv tar saken

Premiere: 6 Apr. 2018

The Meteor

Main producer: Trøndelag Theatre
Premiere: 7 Apr. 2018


Premiere: 10 Apr. 2018