Veras Vinduer* (Vera's Windows)

Fotografi fra Fabula Rasas produksjon "Veras Vinduer" (2008)

Veras Vinduer* (Vera’s Windows) (2008) by Fabula Rasa was a production about not feeling at home. Nowhere, not even at home. With Veras Vinduer, Fabula Rasa has created children’s performance about the very closest and pretty far-fetched things.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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Walk Cat, Walk!

Photo from Transiteatret-Bergen's production Walk Cat, Walk! (2002)

Walk cat, walk! by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret-Bergen was the third episode in To be continued...

Who tells the cat to walk? Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret placed focus on modern body culture with this performance. What forces bring clothes sizes down and elevate the anorexic to be beautiful? But the critical questions were also raised against art and the artist, thus making the performance about The Theatre, or in other words, a theatre turned critical towards itself.

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Then Silence

Photo from The Norwegian Theatre's production Then Silence (2009)

Then Silence (2009) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, based on a play by Arne Lygre

Then Silence followed the success of Man without Purpose, and the play Days Beneath. The world wide premiere of the latter took place at Teater Momentum in Odense in Denmark.

Stage designer Dordi Strøm and lighting designer Gyril Høgberg were nominated for The Hedda Award 2009 in the category of best visual design for their stage design and lighting design respectively.

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Why be difficult when you can be impossible

Plakat fra "Hvorfor være vanskelig når man kan være umulig" (1991)

Hvorfor være vanskelig når man kan være umulig (1991) var en soloproduksjon av og med Elsa Kvamme. Hvorfor være vanskelig når man kan være umulig ble utviklet i New York med stand-up-regissøren Stephen Rosenfield som konsulent. Produksjonen hadde urpremiere på Det Åpne Teater.

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Coming soon

A Man of Good Hope

Main producer: Isango Ensemble
Premiere: 28 May. 2018

Panini-BoysRoom - Exhibition

Premiere: 28 May. 2018

Jorden rundt på 80 dager

Main producer: Rogaland Theatre
Venue: Geoparken
Premiere: 29 May. 2018

Sona/Zona* (The Zone)

Main producer: Nordland Theatre
Venue: Black Box
Premiere: 29 May. 2018

White Nigger # Black Madonna

Main producer: Sort/Hvid
Premiere: 31 May. 2018