A Tale of Terrible Times

About A Tale of Terrible Times

A Tale of Terrible Times (2018) is a theatre production by The Norwegian Touring Theatre in collaboration with The Norwegian Theatre and Kilden Theatre. A Tale of Terrible Times is based on the novel by Olaug Nilssen, in a theatrical adaption by Toril Solvang. The production has its world premiere at The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo and its tour opening in Kilden, Kristiansand.

Marit Moum Aune directs it.

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    More about A Tale of Terrible Times

    At the webpage of The Norwegian Touring Theatre the following, among other things, is written about A Tale of Terrible Times:

    "Daniel is three years old, and his parents rejoice in his abilities at singing and talking. But then, his talking stops. His laughter turns inwards. The little boy changes. For his mother, a battle begins, first to understand what is happening to the boy, then to get help in giving him the care he needs. Mothers are never to give up, it is said, but what is acceptance, and what is giving up?

    A Tale of Terrible Times is a story without heroes. It is a story about all of us. Written with humour, anger and warmth. About a mother who must give much more love than she can be given. About a mother who meets harder times than she knew possible. In Norway, in midlife, in the middle of daily lives.


    When The Norwegian Touring Theatre joins forces with The Norwegian Theatre and Kilden Theatre to make theatre out of this strong, personal and critically acclaimed novel, Marit Moum Aune is in charge of the direction. She is one of our leading directors, with assignments for TV, movies and theatre, and she has made audience successes out of Olaug Nilssen's Turn Me on, Dammit, Vi har så korte armar (literally: We have such short arms) and Stort og stygt (literally: Big and ugly). For the time being, her Angels in America at The National Theatre is much talked about. With her are the four actors Jon Bleiklie Devik, Julie Moe Sandø, Marianne Krogh and Siren Jørgensen/Charlotte Frogner, whereas the theatrical adaption is done by Toril Solvang in collaboration with the director and Olaug Nilssen herself."


    The Norwegian Touring Theatre, 24.03.2018, www.riksteatret.no, https://www.riksteatret.no/tung-tids-tale