The Wind Whispers

Premiére date2009
Produced byTeater Grimsborken
Based onÆsops fabler by Æsop
AudienceChildren (from 6 to 12)
ExpressionsTheatre, Storytelling theatre, Musical theatre, Performance for children
Running period2009  —  2012
Duration45 min
WebsiteTeater Grimsborken

About The Wind Whispers

The Wind Whispers produced by Teater Grimsborken springs out from three actors, three travelling suitcases and three fables by Aesop – The North Wind and the Sun, The Stag and the Hedgehog and The Oak and the Reed.

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Performance dates

  • 2009 - Opening night
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More about The Wind Whispers

The fables in The Wind Whispers by Teater Grimsborken make up a study of conflict between parties between which power and strength is uneven; the balloon-like cheeks of the Northern wind against the heat of the sun, the arrogance of the stag against the humble attitude of the hedgehog, the majesty of the oak against the flexibility of the grass. Teater Grimsborken asks; What is strength?

The Wind Whispers was performed as stylised storytelling theatre with music. The language is bound, and the production has a recurring musical theme. The music is performed on hand-held instruments such as dream catcher, a tin bowl with water, mouth harp and ukulele.

The Wind Whispers was performed in schools in 2009 under the umbrella of The National Touring Network for Performing Arts.

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