Produced byYellow Cat Productions
AudienceChildren (from 6 to 12)
ExpressionsTheatre, Performance for children
DurationCa 40 min
WebsiteDanse- og teatersenturm

About Soar!

In the production Soar! by Yellow Cat Productions the eagles are gliding through the air, high above the mice. If the mice move outside of the safe bushes they live under, the eagles will see them and take them!

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More about Soar!

In Soar! by  Yellow Cat Productions one of the mice hears a sound she's never heard before. This becomes the start of a journey that will take her longer than she has ever been able to imagine.

Soar! is based on the legend Jumping Mouse from Native Northern Americans.

It is about being independent and humble at the same time, and about having the force to do great even if one perceives oneself as small.


The National Touring Network for Performing Arts, 18.12.2010,