The Philosophers' Stone

Premiére date1 May. 1997
Produced byThe Theatre of Cruelty
Based onThe Philosophers' Stone by Antonin Artaud
ExpressionsTheatre of the absurd, Physical theatre
Running period1 May. 1997  —  1999

About The Philosophers' Stone

The Philosophers' Stone (1997) was a production by The Theatre of Cruelty.

At the webpage of The Theatre of Cruelty the following, among other things, is written about The Philosophers' Stone:

"Onstage a triangle drama with metaphysical subtext is played out. Artaud's dream was to create a new human without using the God-given machine-like automatism of copulation, that is, without using physical organs. This must be regarded as a political vision. Like the alchemists' regarded the philosopher's stone as a tool to transformation, Artaud's mission was to find a tool to transform humans without contributionfrom God, so that life could be recreated. These thoughts and metaphors are part of his theatrical piece." 

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More about The Philosophers' Stone

The Theatre of Cruelty directs thanks to: Fretex Elevator, The Norwegian Theatre.

The Philosophers' Stone by The Theatre of Cruelty was supported by: Arts Council Norway, the municipality of Oslo and The Fund for Performing Artists.


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