Like a Movie

Premiére date13 Mar. 2001
Produced byChimera
CoproducersThe Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater)
Based onLike a Movie by Ingrid Sandberg
AudienceYouth (from 13 to 16)
Audience size2000
ExpressionsTheatre, Monologue
Running period13 Mar. 2001  
Duration50 minutes
WebsiteDet Åpne Teater

About Like a Movie

Chimera and The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) presented Like a Movie by Ingrid Sandberg, directed by Nicola Samad the spring of 2001.

Like a Movie is a monologue discussing racism and violence among youth without simplistic answers or claims, to keep the discussion going after the headlines are forgotten. The monologue is based on conversations Ingrid Sandberg has had with a young girl with background from a Neo-Nazi community.

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Press review

"The production is powerful, real and captivating useful theatre, discussing a subject of current interest in a way inviting to exchange and discussion. The schools should know to visit it."

IdaLou Larsen. (2001, 15.03). Review titled Gripende godt bruksteater (literally: Captivating good useful theatre). Nationen

"A captivating performance holding you hostage, not letting go for several hours."

Ann-Mari Betzy Arnesen Morelle, 20.03.2001, Review titled Som en film (literally: Like in a Movie), Kulturspeilet, 03.11.2010,

"The text connects past and present, containing dramaturgic challenges instructor Nicola Samad easily copes with."

Grete Indahl (2001, 17.03). Review titled Et modig forsøk med mor, far, venninner og nazister (literally: A brave attempt with mother, father, girlfriends and Nazis). Klassekampen

More about Like a Movie

Like a Movie by Ingrid Sandberg, presented by Chimera and The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) was about a 16 year old Norwegian girl.

She, her mother and her father have recently moved to another town. It is hard for her. She finds it hard to get to know others in her new school and she is bored. Her parents are so preoccupied with their own problems they barely have the time to listen to her. She feels alone in the world.

Then Caro comes along. Caro is cool and different and she introduces her to her friends. She gets to know a world previously unknown to her. "We are afraid to tell the truth, we stand together."

She lets herself be seduced and she hops onto an express train out of her control. Her dream of belonging and friendship is transformed into a nightmare.

Like a Movie used simple stage design, a black room with a chair, a room for interrogation. Here the audience met the 16 year old girl after arson causing death, committed by Neo Nazis. As in a movie the story was told in a retrospective way.


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