Det Motsatte Prosjekt

Photo from Det Motsatte Prosjekt's production "Julie - en forkledd ung mann"* ("Juliet - a young man in disguise", 1996)

Det Motsatte Prosjekt (literally: The Opposite Project) was an independent, non-profit foundation founded to promote new performing arts.

Director Jon Tombre was the central force behind Det Motsatte Prosjekt. The core of company consisted of performer Camilla Martens, stage designer Yngvar Julin and Jon Tombre.

Among the aims of Det Motsatte Prosjekt were letting stage design be determined by spaces already in existence, and to let performances be meeting points between different art forms.

The project hired artists on a per production basis, stemming from expressions including dance, music, literature, architecture and theatre.

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Cecilie Bertrán de Lis

Cecilie Bertrán de Lis (ICB Productions) is the sole proprietorship of dancer and choreographer Inger Cecilie Bertrán De Lis.

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The Samovar Theatre

Promo video for Samovarteateret AKA The Samovar Theatre AKA The Samovar and Silesian Dance Theatre's production "Cold fish" (2010)

Samovarteateret AKA The Samovar Theatre AKA The Samovar is a project theatre managed by Bente S. Andersen and Turid Skoglund. Samovarteateret AKA The Samovar Theatre AKA The Samovar was established by Bente S. Andersen in 1990, and per 2011 the company has six steadily employed employees, plus between 20 and 50 employees engaged on project contracts during an average year.

Kirkenes lies in the heart of the Barents Region and for the theatre it is natural to find inspiration and stories in the Arctic region. To reflect contemporary times, including political currents in society, is among the pillars of the theatre company.

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BIT/Bergen International Theatre

Dokumentasjonsvideo av produksjonen Alt (1988) av Baktruppen (08.10.1988)

Bergen Internasjonale Teaterfestival var en festival som var forløperen til BIT Teatergarasjen. Bergen Internasjonale Teaterfestival var en festivale for teater, dans og musikkteater fra hele verden, den ble arrangert for første gang i 1984.

Bergen Internasjonale Teaterfestivals årlige festival ble kalt Teatertreff.

Produksjonene som vises på denne siden er produksjonene Bergen Internasjonale Teaterfestival har coprodusert. Vil du se fullstendige spilleplaner, gå inn på hvert enkelt spillested.

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