The National Stage

Photo of The National Stage

The National Stage (Norwegian: Den Nationale Scene, shortened DNS) opened in 1876. It is one of Norway's three national theatre institutions, the only of the three to be located in Bergen. The National Stage has had status as a national theatre since 1993, and from 1995 100 % of the theatre's public funding has come from the state.

June 24 2016 DNS' repertoire database was imported to the Sceneweb database. Beneath is a list of all productions staged by the theatre throughout its history. They are listed in reverse chronology, save for error or omission.

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Music Factory

Music Factory was a festival for avant garde music, dance and performance established by Geir Johnson and the American pianist Yvar Mikhashoff in Bergen in 1985.

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Perleporten Teatergruppe

Poster for Perleporten Teatergruppe's production The last cry (1983)

Perleporten Teatergruppe was a collectively led company founded by Birgit Christensen, Karl Hoff and Catrine Telle in Oslo March 1975.

From 1969 to 1972 the three were pupils at the upper secondary school Hartvig Nissen Skole in Oslo, graduating from the drama department, with Maja Lise Rønneberg Rygg as their teacher in drama, Norwegian and theatre history. After finishing upper secondary school they all got some more education and work experience within theatre in Norway and abroad, prior to reuniting in Oslo in March 1975. This was a dream they had carried since they finished Nissen in 1972.

Perleporten was known for its leftist, radical political theatre. The company produced eight theatre productions during the nine years of existence (1975-1983). The first production was Faren satt på første benk og moren satt på annen og Knoll og Tott på galleri og lo som bare faen* (The father sat in the first row, the mother in the second, and the Katzenjammer Kids sat on the balcony and laughed like f**k from 1975, the last was The last cry from 1983.

The company name would mean Pearly Gates Theatre Company in direct translation.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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