Olaus Olsens Theaterselskab

Poster for Olaus Olsens Theaterselskab's production of Ghosts (1896)

Olaus Olsens Theaterselskab ble etablert og drevet av Olaus Olsen i perioden 1880 til 1914. Teaterselskapet ble drevet som en omreisende teatertrupp og turnerte i hele landet. Skuespillerne i truppen var norske og danske.  De hadde enerett på oppføring (utenfor Kristiania) av noen av Henrik Ibsens skuespill.

Olaus Olsen finansierte selv sin teatervirksomhet inntil familiekassen var bunnskrapt. Truppen hadde et opphold i perioden 1890-1894 da teatersjefen hadde andre engasjement.

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Jo Strømgren Kompani

Photo from Jo Strømgren Kompani's production A Dance Tribute to Ping Pong

The mission of Jo Strømgren Kompani, established in 1998, is to produce and perform a wide range of innovative and inspiring pieces by Jo Strømgren for national and international touring.

The new home venue for JSK in Oslo is now the Opera House. A long term agreement ensures approximately 20 performances annually, both repertory and premieres. This coincides with Jo Strømgren's appointment as Associated Choreographer with The Norwegian National Ballet.

The identity of the company's pieces is shaped by the involvement of core members, whose input is instrumental in developing the repertory and give creative expression to the choreographic material. The company has been growing quickly and is today one of the major contemporary dance companies in Norway.

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Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret Bergen

Plakat fra Transiteatret-Bergens produksjoner DUB Leviathan (ALLES KRIG / ALLE / MOT) (2015)

Transiteatret-Bergen (Transit) (2001) is a theatre ensemble based in Bergen, Norway. Transiteatret-Bergen (Transit) works under the artistic direction of playwright and director  Tore Vagn Lid with the development of a contemporary theatre working in the intersection between theatre and music. Transit constitute an artistic production-network, comprising director, sound-,video- designer, set designers, moviemakers, actors and musicians – mainly working with base in Lids concepts and plays. The core artistic ambition has been "to expand the theatre room as a critical room of experience, where the musical and musical dramaturgic potential of the theatre is the most central".  Tt-B has since its foundation in 2001 carried out over 20 scenic experiments and award-winning productions. The company has been presented i several European countries, and was the first Norwegian company to perform at the Salzburg Festival ("Measures Taken", Young directors project 2008).

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Fotografi av ensemblet i Saltkompagniets produksjon Uhyret danser (1979)

Saltkompagniet ble etablert i 1977 av Elsa Kvamme. Hun var kunstnerisk leder for gruppen frem til 1982 da hun sluttet. Tore Bjørbak og Åse Øyri fortsatte arbeidet med Saltkompagniet frem til 1984.

Saltkompagniet arbeidet med bakgrunn i Odin Teatret.

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