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The Hedda Award is given out annually for exquisite performances within Norwegian performing arts.

The Hedda Award was awarded for the first time in 1998. The jury nominating the candidates is a professional jury. Until 2011 the jury was named by Norwegian theatre leaders, artistic directors and CEOs, from 2012 it has been named by a Hedda committee. The Hedda winners receive a Hedda statuette created by the sculptor Nina Sundbye.

The Hedda Award is named after the title character of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

The award categories have changed over the years.

The jury is not obliged to award all categories every year. Finding worthy candidates is a condition.

In 2003, the Honorary Hedda was awarded for the first time. It went to Wenche Foss. In 2003 the award was given to Jon Fosse, and in 2005 it was shared between Toralv Maurstad and Espen Skjønberg. In 2004 and 2006 no honorary award was given out. The Honorary Hedda was yet again awarded in 2008 - to Elsa Nordvang for her long-term efforts for Rogaland Theatre's theatre for children and youth and in 2010 to Edith Roger for her efforts for Norwegian theatre. During the aforementioned years, The Hedda Jury was responsible for this particular award, a responsibility The Hedda Committee took over when it was established in 2012. In 2012, it went to IdaLou Larsen. Verdensteatret received it in 2014. Bjørn Sundquist received it in 2017. Therese Bjørneboe received it in 2018.

Coinciding with The Hedda Award ceremony the memorial award of Aksel Waldemar is given to a visual artist and to a person who has made a particular effort for New Norwegian as a stage language.

Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras (NTO), Norsk teaterlederforum (NTLF) and the fund of Haakon Mehren in remembrance of Aksel Waldemar Johannessen collaborate on The Hedda Award.

Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras (NTO) is responsible for arranging the Hedda Award ceremony.

The Hedda Award is funded by support from NTO and an annual fee from all of its member theatres, amounting to 0.08 % of each theatre's annual public funding. The jury is named by, and paid for by, Norsk teaterlederforum (NTLF).

Click here for information on the memorial award of Aksel Waldemar.


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The Norwegian Ibsen Award AKA The Ibsen Prize

The Norwegian Ibsen Award is an award given out by the municipality of Skien, for long the only playwright award in Norway. It was awarded for the first time in 1986, and consists of 150 000 Norwegian kroner and a statuette by Nina Sundbye.

The Ibsen Prize is awarded a Norwegian playwright who has had a new work for children or adults produced by a professional theatre the past year, or for the playwright's collected writing. A special jury selects the winner.


Scenekunst,, 20.09.2011,

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The Per Aabel Honorary Award (Per Aabels ærespris)

The Per Aabel Honorary Award (Per Aabels ærespris) was established April 25 1979, on the 77th birthday of the legendary actor. Every year a travel and education grant of 15 000 NOK is awarded a talented Norwegian actor or actress. In addition to the grant the winner receives a statuette of Per Aabel, designed by Nina Sundbye.


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The New York Dance and Performance Awards

The New York Dance and Performance Awards, informally known as the Bessie Awards in honor of Bessie Schonberg, are awarded annually for innovative achievement in dance and related performances, particularly so-called "downtown" performances. The Bessie Awards were established in 1983 and "celebrate the unique creative voices of performing artists while providing the dance and performance community with an occasion to gather together in sorrow, in frustration, in anger, but ultimately in celebration.". They honor exceptional choreography, performance, music composition, visual design and others areas of dance and performance. The awards are determined by the Bessie Awards Committee, which consists of dance presenters, producers, journalists, critics and academics, and are given in no fixed categories.

Beginning in 2010, the annual award ceremony will be presented by Dance/NYC at Symphony Space. From 1983 to 2008, it was presented by Danspace Project and Dance Theater Workshop, generally at the Joyce Theatre in the Chelsea area of Manhattan in New York City.

Over 400 Bessies Awards have been presented since their founding.

Kilde: Wikipedia,, 12.11.2010,

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Recently awarded

Den Internasjonale Ibsenprisen 2018 (The International Ibsen Award)

Winners: Den Internasjonale Ibsenprisen 2018: Christoph Marthaler

Ibsenprisen 2018 (The Norwegian Ibsen Award AKA The Ibsen Prize)

Winners: Ibsenprisen : Malmfrid Hovsveen Hallum

Musikkteaterprisen 2018 (Musikkteaterprisen)

Winners: Årets musikal : The Book of Mormon, Årets Musikalartist: Kristoffer Olsen, Årets ærespris i musikkteater: Britt Langlie

Frilansprisen 2017 (Frilansprisen)

The Hedda Award 2018 (The Hedda Award)

Winners: Honorary Hedda: Therese Bjørneboe, Best stage design/costume design: Gilles Berger, Best audiovisual design: Elisabeth Møtland Nesset, Best audiovisual design: Alf Lund Godbolt, Best audiovisual design: Vibeke Blydt-Hansen, Best audiovisual design: Norunn Standal, Production of the year: The Book of Mormon, Best production for youth: Utafor* (Outside), Best leading actress: Ragne Grande, Best direction: Johannes Holmen Dahl, Special artistic achievement: Svein Tindberg, Special artistic achievement: Faten Mahdi Al-Hussaini, Special artistic achievement: Yousef Bartho Al-Nahi, Special artistic achievement: Siri Marie Seim Sønstelie, Special artistic achievement: Tor Itai Keilen, Best supporting actress: Ågot Sendstad, Best supporting actor: Preben Hodneland, Best leading actor: Hermann Sabado, Best text for the stage: Are Kalvø, Best production for children: Tobias og dagen det smalt* (Tobias and the day of the bang)

Other awards

Prix Italia

Prix Italia er en av de eldste og mest prestisjetunge kringkastingsprisene i verden. Prix Italia ble arrangert for første gang i 1948 av daværende Radio Italiana, nå RAI, men da kun for radio. I 1958 kom tv-produksjoner med i konkurransen. I 2008 deltok 85 private og offentlige kringkastingsstasjoner fra tilsammen 44 land i konkurransen. Konkurransen ble arrangert for 60....

Fajr Festivalens Ærespris

Fajr Festivalen i Teheran sin Ærespris.


Lysistrata (Spanish: Lisístrata) is the name of a Spanish theatre award. It is given out in the town of Sitges during the Sitges festival.

Honorary President Award

På nettsidene til ASSITEJ International står det følgende:

"In 1990 at the Stockholm World Congress, Dr. Nat Eek (USA) realized that ASSITEJ International had no official Award to give to its members that honored their artistic excellence in theatre for young audiences.  Wishing to honor the memory of his wife...

Den bayeriske teaterpris

Den bayeriske teaterpris, Bayerische Theaterpreis, er en teaterpris som ble delt ut i den tyske delstaten Bayern i perioden 1997 til 2002.


Wikipedia - Die Freie Enzyklopädie,, 03.10.2011,